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Friday, December 31, 2010

This is my son Scot in one of his most complimentary poses. He is trying out a new blanket his son Dawson received.
Here is my brother-in- law helping Dawson on a Christmas puzzle. In the corner is my daughter-in-law Bridgett, and my brother Jim sitting like two old farts trying to stay warm. We have Christmas in my son's garage when it it held in Fond du Lac. It is almost as large as his house and is heated. The yellow boxes you see stacked up are firing pannels for shooting comercial fireworks.

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Pansy is ready for Christmas.  She is wearing her snowman sweater and a feather cluster in her hair.  No outfit is complete without her favorite yellow ball

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       This is Otto the doxy showing off his new sweater.I don't think he likes it very much!
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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Here is the finished product. Just don't drool on your keyboard as you look at these!
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Christmas is over and I am ready for spring. I know . . . it is a long way off! I was looking thru pics and found this string of pics of how to make moral mushrooms. I was at my sister's house in spring and we had a bountiful heap of these wonderful delicate mushrooms.
OK I admit, I drove 5 hours from my house to my sister's hose just to have these tasty morsels!.
First roll them in egg wash.
Then roll in flour.
Fry them up and drain on paper towel.
YUM!  See the older post to see pics of the finished product.

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Sunday, December 26, 2010

The letdown

Christmas is over.  All the planning, shopping and excitement is over.  Now life returns to what I call normal.

It was so wonderful to see my family again.  But I sure did miss that my daughter could not attend this year.  My brother & wife came from northern Wisconsin and my sister and family came from Minnesota.  We all met at my son's house here in Fond du Lac Wisconsin.  (Not even a mile from my house.  A pure bonus for me!)  My brother purchased a new car and only had 300 miles on it.  On their trip here the had a flat tire.   Then my sister had a blow out on one of the tires on her car.  OY!  What are the odds?  They found a wonderful man  that put two new tires on the car at 4 o'clock Christmas eve.  My sister and family stayed overnight at my house with family including Otto the doxy and Lucy the new Weimer.  Lucy and my dog Pansy played so hard that Pansy dropped over from exhaustion.  Beijing the cat sat in the middle of all the commotion wishing that he was really a dog.  He did claim Lucy as his and Lucy reciprocated by cleaning Beijing's ears.  What a family I have.  The other 2 cats were no where to be found.  They have since come out of their hiding places and Phoebe is sitting on the desk as I type. 
I am glad to report that all family members are home safe and sound! 
I hope everyone had a safe and wonderful Christmas!
On to new adventures on crafting for the New Year!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas is closing in

Hi friends and family!

My family and I are fine tuning our Christmas gathering.  My family is very small and we have a hard time trying to get it together.  I really don't know how larger families do it. 
My daughter sent my 3 cats a catnip ball.  Oh my!  Pansy the dog is jealous of the cats having a toy, especially a ball.  As a result, I have resorted to putting the ball in my kitchen sink so they can play with it, not make a mess everywhere with it, they can't knock it on the floor and the dog can't  swipe and hide it. I has created quite the havock in my household!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Hi! I love to do crafting in all sorts of media. My main focus is on paper at the moment. I have been making gift bags, tags, bookmarks and cards. It is my therapy for happiness. I take cardmaking classes at Scrapbook Cottage in my hometown of Fond du Lac, WI. So many new technique challenges and so many new friends to make.
I play games on Facebook and have created friends from all over the world.
Starting a blog is a new venture in my life where I hope to make more new friends and show off some of my work. Hopefully I will gain creative thoughts from those of you who track my blog.
I welcome any new friends!
Pansy is my furry friend dog. Along with her I have 3 cats. The oldest I think, is Rippley. He is a one person cat. He sleeps with me at night if Pansy allows. Once Pansy is asleep, he sneeks in anyway. He has never grown into the size of his eyes, ears and tail. He was given to me for my birthday from my son and wife. Then came Beijing, he is a rescue cat. Beijing is very lazy and fat but firm. I just call him speed bump because he is always in my way and slows me down. He also sits along side of Pansy during meal time and begs. Not the typical cat. He might be older than Rippley but I am not sure. The last to join was Fiebee. She rules as the princess! She is half main coon and uses her feet to pick things up. She also like to swipe a taste of food off of my plate with her front feet. She is a righty most of the time. Her favorite is ice cream. She will crawl in bed when Pansy is asleep under the covers. Fiebee like to lay near the pillow so she can shove her front paws under the pillow to warm them up. Pansy dominates everything and every one in the house. She is jealous of everyone who comes in contact with the cats, my friend Jim, or my grandchildren. Pansy is a shepoo. I was told she was a cockapoo but there is no way. She has the long body of a shitzoo, underbite and long curled up tail. She is shaped more like a doxy . . . oh my! She will share her food with any animal or human but not her toys.
I hope all of you will enjoy my posts from time to time and thanks for visiting!